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  Goodbye and Thank you for being with us these 13 years.  
  por aDeWaRD día:24.08.2018
  United KingdomUSA

...A Small Hope... ...A New Beginning...

Good Night to everyone:

This is a farewell letter. Bitter and Definitive. GamerosHost, was born in 2005 with the purpose of helping the Gaming community by offering stable and quality Gaming and Voice services at cost 0, TOTALLY FREE.

At that time TeamSpeak 2 was among the top VoIP programs together with Ventrilo, which allowed us to start offering this VoIP service in a completely free way. Along with these services we provided Counter-Strike Gaming Servers (1.6 and Cz) Left 4 Dead ...

In these years the community and the companies have been evolving, in the Gaming it is the own developer, it is the one that puts for free the servers of Game at the disposal of the Players. From a few years ago until a few months ago, we focused on offering TeamSpeak 3 Voice services. We have taken care that the service was kept up to date, stable and 24/7 on.

Until a few months ago it was relatively easy to keep us updated in the software that TeamSpeak was marking. TeamSpeak put into production its new software and protocol of accounts (v3.1), which prevented us from updating, since now the client-server connection is 100% controlled (both having to be validated with the TeamSpeak central).

Let's be honest, in order to offer voice servers to such a large number of users, we have been using accounting emulators, which allowed us to bypass the protections of TeamSpeak 3 and offer virtually unlimited servers to all of you. That is not possible anymore. The latest versions require a server and client patch (patching that each client must do voluntarily), we do not believe that this is a solution. At that time, software that emulated almost 100% all the new facets of TeamSpeak came into play. This software will no longer be functional with the next version of TeamSpeak 3.2.2 client (we have already tested the beta and we have verified that the servers with the software that we currently have are inaccessible).

The truth is that we no longer have more resources. We do not have any more Aces in the sleeve, and we do not want to get sick anymore. That is why a few hours ago we decided to close GamerosHost in the VoIP and Gaming services section. Focusing on what will be our next project with PLEX and maintaining the philosophy of 100% Free without cheating.

We have done everything possible, including trying to negotiate with TeamSpeak some type of annual Host-Provider license for communities that do not benefit from the delivery of free TeamSpeak servers. But they do not want (logical) TeamSpeak is a COMPANY and it wants Money for its product.

The servers will be go off-line between September 10 and 14. Until then you will have access with old clients. We advise you to make a backup copy and if you have time and patience, give chance to Discord!

We can only say goodbye and thank you very much for the trust placed in us during these years.

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