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  Updating conditions.  
  por aDeWaRD día:25.08.2015
  United KingdomUSA

We will perform a series of changes in conditions. These changes are made to better align services to every user. Current users will see changes in their services:

• Adjusting slots.
• Withdrawal of news channel.

The news channels are removed on all servers. Multicast replaced by a message to all the services that will spread in times of maintenance / updates to all users.

"Fast"* Servers:

These servers will be delivered without the user having to provide documentation, the user service request, we will send a message that must complete the necessary sections to proceed with the high. Not any personal data will be requested.


"Big" Servers:

These servers will be delivered as usual, the user request the service, you will be sent a message documentation and must complete and return as indicated.


"Big-Pro" Servers:

These servers are targeted to communities large and stable user communities containing large movements WEB / users, both on the web and activity in developing their project (games / other). These servers can deliver personalized and prior review of the web + contact managers / web managers / project.


Regards from GamerosHost.Com | Gs-Host.Net Community


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